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The gaint hygiene company select us to be the appointed machine supplier

  • 2021-12-23

Most of the time we were asked about the reference of our machine to assure our reputation and quality. At that time we really wish to transfer all the detailed information to prove the achievements for our new buyers, but we can't.  

Just like the popular articles said on the internet teaching the new bird in how to buy machinery for diapers: for most of your partners of diaper supplying, they will totally change their attitude to you while they know you will open own factory to produce the same products like them, at that time they will not support you anymore because your relationship transferred from partners to opponents. 

So it's similar when we tell a new buyer about our old buyer's information regarding their company name, location, machine type, and capacity, etc. Even it will help us to sell machines more easily, but we can't do it because we need to be responsible. Every patron has expressed that they don't want us to offer such kind information to any others, we do understand it and will keep our words permanently. So every time we invite our new buyer to come and visit us to make sure everything by themselves. 

As the pandemic lasting and quarantine rules in our country, it's not easy to visit and check the company and factories, and the situation really affects us much and delays the contract sometimes. Fortunately, our machine has been selected to be the appointed supplier for the listed company "YiYi", the top brand company "Greenleaf", which will be a trustable certification for everything of our machine and company, because everyone knows to be their suppliers have to pass lots of investigation from all aspects by their professional procurement team in a long time and widely comparison during the whole suppliers around China. Thus it's the best certificate of our machines no mention of the CE, UL, and ISO9001 certification already authorized. 

As the subsidiary of our group company "JHC Group", we also have invested finished products factories for diapers, sanitary napkins, underpads, pet pads, etc for decades, that make us to be sophisticated not only in machine maker but also the machine user just like our machine buyer, so that we can make the machine in user-centric angle to design the perfect machine. furthermore, we invested our own non-woven fabrics, PE films, Frontal & Side tapes factories for offering the raw materials at factory price to maximize our buyers benefit and offer the turnkey solution to support our buyers to be the most competitive and successful in the market. 

As we offer whole supply to the hygiene industry, thus the long-term cooperation is our primary principle of us, we do not only want supply the outstanding machine but also the raw materials to the same buyer, the quality and service of each product will be vital for our company, so we treat quality and customer satisfaction as the most important target. It's really makes sense to trust our quality and service from the business logic. 

As we learned to know how to make money should follow the one who has made money, no one will learn it from a poor guy, right? So if you wish to make a successful and lucrative hygiene products factory, to get the cooperation and support from a successful factory like us should be the best choice. 

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